The conversations around the alleged attack of Iranian rockets on Saudi Arabia have revealed some of the contradictions within the broad, heterogeneous coalition opposing Trump — not to mention the price that we pay for the absence of a sizable peace movement that can influence public opinion and elected representatives on matters such as this. It’s painful to hear Trump sound more restrained with respect to punitive action against Iran than some on our side of the main divide in U.S. politics. I’m still waiting to see what the Democratic contenders for the party’s nomination have to say as well as the Democratic Party leadership.

Let’s hope they accent diplomacy, negotiation, and make clear to the American people what were the events that led up to this crisis, not least Trump’s central role in the destabalization of the Middle East. Had he not pulled out of the nuclear weapons deal with Iran, given a green light to the Saudis to rain terror on Yemen, and interfere in other states in the region and teamed up with Netanyahu for the purpose of crushing any hope of a Palestinian state, we wouldn’t be on the precipice of another war in this part of the world.