I believe this primary process should come to a close asap. But on the face of it, it appears unlikely. If anything because of the coronavirus, it is could be extended into late June and whatever steam and energy that existed — and there was a lot — will dissipate, a casualty of the pandemic. But what if the remaining primaries were clustered together and scheduled for a day in late April. And instead of voters going to their voting site, they send in their mail ballot specifying which of the two presidential candidates they support.

The convention could still take place, conditions permitting in July or August and its normal business could proceed ahead. But in the meantime, the nominee and the Democratic Party, even with the limitations imposed by a spreading pandemic, could begin the process of unifying the party and turning its full attention to defeating Trump and gang. And its urgency has only been magnified by his gross mishandling of this spreading virus in recent weeks.

Trump and team have in place an election juggernaut, and it isn’t waiting for Labor Day to start its engines. They are humming now. Time for Democrats and the larger movement against Trump to get busy too. Obviously Tom Perez isn’t asking me for my opinion, but I do hope that such conversations are going on among Democratic Party leaders and the two remaining contenders for the nomination.