If you think last week in the House was disuptive, last week was but prologue. Besides a slew of investigations, Republicans in the House – not only the Freedom Caucus – will attempt to hold the government and country hostage to their austerity and anti-democratic demands, including massive cuts in social mandatory programs, like Medicare and Social Security.

The renewal of the debt limit in August will likely be the stage for this titanic clash. Bear in mind that the Republican Party no longer fits on what is considered the normal continuum of U.S. politics. As the Janurary 6 insurrection revealed, the GOP – and the House Republicans are an advance guard of their party – are political outliers and arsonists, albeit in a metaphorical sense. Racism, misogyny, xenophobia, anti-working class venom and contempt for democracy and democratic righs are at the core of their politics. These fascist like extremists, bankrolled by billionaires and millionaires, would lay waste to our democracy, economy, and goverment without any hesitation if it advanced their agenda. And this isn’t rhetorical inflation in the least.