From Robert Kuttner, former editor of the American Prospect and progressive/left commentator:

“The headline on page one of today’s New York Times is the stuff that progressive dreams are made of: “Trucker Ousts Power Broker in New Jersey.” Edward Durr, a political novice and a truck driver for a furniture chain, defeated the longtime New Jersey Senate president, Stephen Sweeney, by 2,298 votes, in his South Jersey state Senate seat.

The only problem is that Durr is a Republican and Sweeney is a Democrat. And there in a nutshell is the Democrats’ dilemma—the loss of the working class.” The last phrase – the loss of the working class – I find maddening, but not surprising. It only makes sense if you assume that the working class is only white. But it isn’t. And never has been. Yet this blind spot persists.