What bothers me these days isn’t so much pundits who tell us, usually with a sense of gravitas and supposed superior knowledge, that removing Trump via impeachment or the ballot box isn’t enough to turn the country around. I expect as much from them.

But what I find irritating is this. In their attempt to save us from our parochial vision, they miss the fact that removing Trump from office in itself is a BFD!!! The very act would set into motion a new political dynamic.

The ring leader of the unprecedented assault on democratic governance, institutions, and rights would no longer occupy the White House. The sweeping powers and the bully pulpit that come with the office would be in someone else’s hands. His underlings would be retreat and disarray as well, pointing fingers at one another. Finally, Trump’s base, angry, even dangerous as they might be, would have to digest the bitter (and depressing) reality that their Great Leader has been taken down.

Meanwhile, political initiative and moral authority would, through the force of events, shift to the Democratic Party as well as the broad democratic movement and the millions who resisted Trump and Trumpism. The confidence that comes from winning would become a material force. And resistance would now mingle with new expectations and horizons of democratic and progressive change.

Will it be smooth sailing? Of course not. Trump would likely be reluctant to leave the stage of politics. And defeated reactionaries and racists, history tells us, attempt, if allowed, to regroup and regain the initiative.

Not least, the new landscape of politics would bring to the surface tensions within the broad democratic coalition and the Democratic Party that were simmering while Trump was in the White House.

Still bringing Trump down is a BFD !!! And don’t let anybody tell you different.