It feels like we are approaching an existential moment where the clash of two diametrically different political blocs, representing the grievances and hopes of tens of millions, will decide the fate of the country for years to come. On one side of this divide is a white nationalist, plutocratic authoritarian political juggernaut, perhaps not fascist, as we have come to think of it, but clearly sharing some of its features. And if allowed to regain its momentum and consolidate its power in the next year’s election and then again two years later, it will act as a ruthless vanguard ushering in an era of political and social retrogression, the likes of which we haven’t seen, let alone experienced on a national level.

On the other side is a political bloc of a diametrically different type, which, if it were able to appreciably increase its majorities in these same elections and win again the presidency, could accelerate the building of a society – not socialist – but notably different from the capitalist neoliberal regime that framed and shaped politics, economics, and culture for roughly 4 decades. More to the point, it could expand and deepen democracy, equality, and economic opportunity, celebrate decency and difference, and give sustained and accelerate momentum toward planetary sustainability and peaceful cooperation.

The stakes are high – indeed only the lead up to the Civil War and the War itself – offer a close approximation – and at the ballot box much will be decided.