If the elections and their results were a “working class revolt against the elites'” in Washington and Wall Street, as some of varied political dispositions are suggesting, it was a revolt that was poorly conceived, demographically limited, filled with millions of no shows, and came to a miserable end. Moreover, it will soon, unless resisted, exact an awful revenge against its protagonists and the many many more workers and people who had the good class and democratic sense to vote for the very courageous and resilient Hilary Clinton who offered a program of bottom-up economic renewal and fairness, equality, and decency. Indeed, unless a broad and ever expanding people’s coalition takes shape quickly, and includes every wing of the Democratic Party, this misbegotten revolt will bring in its train in the late winter and spring of next year, a nasty counterrevolution the likes of which we have NEVER seen – not even in the Reagan or George W Bush years. Calls for “a war in the Democratic Party” are a fool’s errand at this moment no matter the source or the intentions, no matter how radical sounding. Will post a longer comment on this as well as other aspects of the elections on my blog tomorrow.