President Biden vigorously placed the existential challenge to democracy and democratic rights, to the rule of law and equality, to one person one vote, and to favoring the few at the expense of the many before the American people last night. It was a speech that spoke to this dire moment in our country’s life. He called out authoritarian-fascist-racist extremists – Trump, Maga supporters, sections of the Republican Party, election deniers, thugs, and more – that are busy NOW attempting to expunge democratic rule and everything else that is decent and just in our national life.

It was, in my opinion, his best speech ever, although I do wonder – weirdly enough – if he gave enough emphasis to the urgency of voting in November. That said, I suspect it played well in swing districts.

Lastly, it was a call for the rest of us that hold democracy, equality, planetary sustainability, and social progress dear to find a niche – big or small – to assist in the mobilization of voters and elect Democrats to Congress this fall.