Once again we are going through another momentous re-imagining and remaking of our state, economy, and society in which two great camps face off against each other. While this still unresolved clash didn’t begin with the interlocking political, economic, and health crises that tightly grip the country now, their confluence when combined with the sudden, sustained, and massive marches protesting the brutal murder of George Floyd can only give this clash new energy.

But more to the point, they have triggered, I believe, a governing crisis that has laid bare for millions to see the bankruptcy, immorality, and sheer incompetence of Trump and his Republican gang of immoral misfits in the Congress. Meanwhile, the other camp composed of the Democratic Party and its presidential candidate Joe Biden, plus a broader democratic coalition tacking in a progressive, social democratic direction has gained in support, confidence, and understanding as the country convulses in a manner that finds no rough equivalent since the sixties.

As election day draws closer, and with the resolution of the triple crises still waiting resolution and no abatement in the demand for radical criminal justice reform and other anti-racist measures, the clash between these two political blocs can only reach a fever pitch. And whatever the outcome, this frontal collision of powerful political coalitions will continue after all the votes are counted and a winner declared. But in case it needs to be said, the winning side will be politically positioned, especially if it wins decisively, to remake the state, economy, and culture in accordance with its vision. In this light, the dangers are as frightening as the possibilities are palpable and exciting.