The Biden administration has demonstrated consummate skill in fashioning legislative majorities around a body of democratic and progressive legislation over the past four years. And this, notwithstanding a solid wall of opposition from Republicans in Congress. But even Republican opposition wouldn’t have stymied Biden’s agenda without an assist from Senator Joe Manchin (WVA) and the narrow loss of the House in the midterm elections.

Looking ahead to November, the challenge is clear: Defeat Trump and MAGA, re-elect Joe Biden, and elect a Democratic Congressional majority. If we do, much can be done to address the overarching challenges of economic security, equality, climate disruption, and even peace in the Middle East (where he hasn’t distinguished himself to put it mildly) and worldwide!

One can be white hot angry and deeply disappointed by Biden. And many voters are, particularly young voters. But neither anger nor disappointment are good reasons this year not to vote for him and Congressional Democrats in November. Too much is at stake! The alternative is unthinkable. With Biden and a Democratic Congressional majority we have some leverage and a positive legislative agenda in many respects. With Trump we don’t. It’s that simple!