The Good: New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio reported that 68,000 children are now enrolled in the city’s pre-K program. No small thing for children and their families. And hats off to the Mayor who initiated the program following his election. Which all goes to prove: elections matter.

The Bad: Ted Cruz’s pledge, giving new life to the infamous words of segregationist George Wallace, to oppose legal status for immigrants, “today, tomorrow, forever.”

The Ugly: It’s a tie: Trump, Cruz, and Carson. In the recent Republican Party presidential debate, Trump said the families of terrorists should be killed; Cruz called for carpet bombing, and Carson came up with “boots the ground.” Is it that they have short memories? After all, what they advocate has been tried before with disastrous results. Or is it just pandering, knowing that recent terrorist attacks have caused a heightened sense of public insecurity and fear? Or do the Republican Party candidates believe that there are no limits to U.S. power, thanks to the U.S. military machine? My answer: They do have short memories; they are demagogues; and they are convinced that military power can preserve and expand U.S. global supremacy. What do you think?