Listening to the debate reminded me of three things. First, racism, sexism, and misogyny are embedded in Trump’s every pore. He has no comprehension of how offensive he is. Even his attempts to clean up his act are deeply suffused with crude racist, sexist, and misogynistic thinking.

Second, a Trump victory could easily throw the country (and world) on a very dangerous trajectory – not necessarily fascism, but, with no exaggeration, on a track that is authoritarian, punitive, unpredictable, and relentlessly anti-democratic and anti-people. And yet some who should no better persist in saying that the differences between him and Hillary are of little significance. This is, straight up, delusional.

Third, a Clinton presidency would constitute a firewall against the right wing extremist agenda and could set into motion a new period of political, economic, and social reforms. It won’t happen simply on the size and strength of the victory of Hillary and other Democrats down the ticket, although that would help immensely. But when combined with a growing progressive current in the Democratic Party, the rise of new and energetic social movements, the widespread desire for change on the part of millions of American people and the main social organizations that represent them, and a reconstituted left that articulates a compelling vision, thinks dialectically and strategically, and practices an expansive, non-sectarian politics, the future brightens considerably.