Want to know what the Republican Party looks like today? Check out the CPAC convention in Florida. This is where the GOP is at. On the heels of the election that it lost and the Trump incited storming of the capital that shocked the country, it has decided to make no course corrections. If anything it is doubling down, which is really not that surprising. On Sunday the convention will welcome Trump who remains the nearly undisputed leader of the GOP. It will be his post election coming out party. It will likely have the feel of a Munich beer hall in pre-Hitler Germany. If this isn’t a reminder that the threat of authoritarian, fascist like rule hasn’t disappeared, I’m not sure what is. Trump and Trumpism took it on the chin last November, but neither has been thoroughly thrashed. Still much work to be done at the legislative level this year and next and at the ballot box in 2022 and 24.